I like to go font shopping

I am an admitted typographic geek.

I surprise my friends when I tell them one of my hobbies is font shopping. Yes, I go on places like dafont.com and scroll through different sections, downloading whatever strikes my fancy at the time. Sometimes of course, I do this while working on a project for a client. I need a specific font with a specific feel. However, I have been known to do this on my own free time, simply because it's something I really enjoy. 

I purchased my own real font today. I geeked out over all of the variations of each character (in OpenType fonts, you can access this by viewing Type>Glyphs in your application), the different descenders and ascenders! The glory of many swooshes! I know what you're thinking: Jenny, how can you tell me you're a real designer and you have only purchased ONE font all this time?  Well, okay, I'm a little cheap. Can you believe I have been using exclusively free fonts this entire time? The shame! Or pride? Not sure on that one. Here are some sites I browse when looking for new typographic wares:


 fontsquirrel.com (this one features free for commercial use fonts)





Google Fonts